Typography Logo Design for Off-Beat

Typography Logo Design: The client posted a online contest looking for a simple, yet cool, typography logo for their company Off-beat.
And I also designed this logo for participating to their online contest . Their requirement is "The logo must be state: Off-Beat". For this reason, I designed the logo below..
Typography Logo Design for Off-Beat

Their more requirements I attached bellow: The logo must be include: (1) hyphen (2) the trade mark TM (3) black or white only colour (4) very simple or clean design. Nothing fancy in this logo.
About Off-Beat company: It is a private health one-one studio for creative fashion, music, film, dancers who are all forward thinkers, diverse, open minded, creative. They are an off beat personality cult and they need a strong logo to build the brand.

If you need any typography logo design then please contact with me.