Zola Sport Logo Design

Logo Design:

I designed this logo by following the online contest holder requirements. Then I submitted this logo on online platform for participating to online contest.
Zola Sport logo design

Zola Sport Logo Design Requirements:

As a woman who has recently gotten into road cycling, she was looking for cycling clothes to wear and everything she could find just seemed like watered down versions of the male cycling gear. She wanted cycling gear that was bold, beautiful, fun, strong, confident – unmistakably feminine. Since she couldn’t found this anywhere in Canada, She decided to start her own brand. 
Zola Sport Logo Design 2

The name Zola is the name of a warrior princess – strong, brave, fearless feminine. Zola Sport will product technical clothes for the modern warrior princess. Specifically they will start with road cycling gear and branch out from there. For above reason, she is looking to have a logo developed for Zola Sport. Note: If you need any logo design like this then please contact with me