Chinmay Roy (born November 07, 1998–) is a professional programmer, developer and graphics designer. He is a Bangladeshi professional engineer on CSE. He is founder of SWAGDeveloper Company Ltd. and serves as its chairman, chief executive officer.


Born in Gopalganj of Bangladesh. And his village name is Boikunthapur. Few years ago he moved to [[Dhaka]]. for completing his CSE degree. He is a student of computer science and engineering. And on the other hand, he is founder of SWAGDeveloper Company Ltd Website. He serve as a chairman of SWAGDeveloper Inc. He lived in Dhaka for completing different task. He works at a company and studies at the same time.

Early life

Chinmay Roy born was November 07, 1998. His birthplace is Gopalganj of Bangladesh. His village name is Boikunthapur. Her father's name is Mukunda Roy and mother's name is Pabitra Roy. He has grown up at uncle's house from childhood. Sitting there completes primary education and secondary education. He completed her primary education from Burua Primary School. Then he admitted to BKA High School for complaint her secondary education.

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Marriage and children

Now he is single. He hasn't any child because he didn't marry anyone.


He achieved first position on online programming competition in 2020.

Political views

At the moment he is not involved any political parties. He is free from Politics.

Published works

He completed many development on his little life.


He achieved CEO position of SWAGDeveloper. And he achieved skillful developer notes from someone.

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